Platform for Research in NanoSciences and NanoTechnology


• Lundi 21 Décembre 2015: Pot de Noël à la Plateforme de Recherche en Nanosciences et Nanotechnologie
• Jeudi 17 Décembre 2015: Conférence: Pr. Bernard Tinland – Université Aix-Marseille
• Mardi 15 Décembre 2015: Conférence: Dr. Safi Jradi– Université technologie de Troyes
• Mercredi 9 Décembre 2015: Séminaire : Doctorant Elias Mechref – Université Libanaise
• Mardi 8 Décembre 2015: Conférence : Pr. Alain Roucoux – Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes
• Mardi 17 Novembre 2015: Conférence : Pr. Samir Matar – Université de Bordeaux
• Jeudi 12 Novembre 2015 Conférence : Pr. Pascale Gall-Borrut – Université de Montpellier






 The Platform for Research in NanoSciences and Nanotechnology is a 600 m2 facility located in Fanar campus. It has been functioning since November 2011 and equipped with the newest technology. The platform is intended to improve research in the fields of NanoSciences. It serves research in many disciplines (materials sciences, chemical physics, electronics and microelectronics).

- The Platform is open to the entire Lebanese university community and to other research communities in the country in many fields (material sciences, industry, power management, energy, …) - Analysis services for industrial development

- Fellowship and training mission for Ph. D. and master students

- Cooperation mission between scientific research groups.

PR2N is destined to complete other specialized research groups and laboratories in the Lebanese University and provide joints for multi-disciplinary cooperative research. The Platform is dotted with sophisticated instruments such as Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) equipped with EDX, Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Raman, Rheometer, RF Impedance Analyzer, Semiconductor Parameters Analyzer, Probing System, Glove Box, Clean Room and other equipment. Introducing new equipment and upgrades are function of scientific need.